First AI-based solution that connects the science of happy life with machine learning

Given our deep experience in personal development, we believe that everyone is able to live in harmony. Combining the latest technologies with science we build a unique solution to help you grow in all aspects of your life.

Get the verified knowledge you need

Internet is a mess of questionable content. Our scientifically verified database consists of thousands of entries structured by academics and customized by AI to get you systematic knowledge, not the white noise.

Learn, act, grow, socialize

All-in-one app with cross-platform integrations to keep you going in a steady progression. Keep your life under control with just one app instead of many. 

Have fun in App and get real life-changing results

We joined academical knowledge with game level designers to get you to your desired goals and further.

Progress together

Unique system of challenges: call-out yourself or others to grow faster. Inspire and be inspired: track and share your activities, progress, and our unique tone level metric. United by purpose: meet new awesome people.



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