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My name is Dmitriy. One day, while practicing yoga, I asked myself a challenging question. The answer to it became that key idea, in realization of which our team has been engaged for more than two years.

I asked myself the following question: Is it possible to gather the chaos of scientific knowledge, practical skills, common truths, life experiences and even spiritual practices in order to create a clear system of straightforward actions to lead fulfilling and happy life? Following two years of the concept development, we have brought this idea to life.

We have created a scientific platform, in the development of which took part dozens of researchers and practitioners from all spheres of human activity.


The result of our project has created in a form of mobile app. Why we’ve chosen an app? Almost everyone today has a mobile phone or a tablet. It means that the process of personal development in the form of step-by-step training programs, advices and simple actions will be available to the broadest audience ever. As a result more and more people will get the feeling of real happiness in every moment.

We invite you to test our app for self-development! You will plunge into exciting and motivating self-development process in the form of step-by-step programs, tips and simple actions, taking into account your individual characteristics and goals. Participants of testing will get free access to all functions of the app without limits for one year!

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We invite you to test GrowApp

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